Permanent cosmetics is a unique approach of applying cosmetic tattooing to ensure that you will have a beautiful professional result.

Your eyes are the most defining feature of your face. From a soft barely enhancement to your lashline to a full dramatic eyeliner the choice is yours!

After around age 30 we start losing eyebrow hairs as well as pigment. Whether you need only a darkening of your natural browline or a complete brow design permanent browliner will turn back the clock to beautifully frame you eyes once more.

Beautiful micro fine hair strokes. Mercy is specially trained and certified to perform these beautiful European eyebrows. Although they are uniquely natural appearing they elude the test of longevity. Expect to return in 12-18 months for a retouch to keep the striking brows crisp and ultra-natural appearing.

Our natural lip pigment begins to fade at age 30. By expertly replacing the lost natural pigment and enhancing the natural lip shape and balance, permanent cosmetics applied to the lips can restore a more youthful appearance.