Questions & Answers

Are permanent cosmetics safe?
Yes! The procedure is provided in a sanitary environment and all instruments are sterilized and disposable. Safety is the highest priority of Face & Body Care.

Mercy is trained in the highest level of care and safety. Any risks can be reduced by accurately following the After Care instructions.

Will it hurt?
That depends – usually there is some minimal discomfort. Topical anesthetic are used and topical anesthetic gels are applied to broken skin to continue the numbing process. For lip procedures sensitive clients may opt to have a dental block administered by their dentist. That said, some clients go to sleep during their procedures!

How long will it last?
Permanent cosmetics maintain their appearance for different lengths of time for each client. Factors that maintain their performance include sun exposure, color, skin type, and compliance with the After Care instructions. Permanent cosmetics do not wash away or smear, however, as with any tattoo they can fade. Periodic maintenance such as color re-enhancement is suggested.

How long will the appointment take?
The length of time needed to apply permanent cosmetics normally varies between 1 – 2½ hours depending on the needs of each client. A follow-up visit will be scheduled 3 – 6 weeks after the initial application.