Specialized Skin Care Treatments


We offer a wide variety of specialized skin care treatments including facials, peels, microdermabrasion treatments, oxygenating, LED Rejuvenation, waxing, vitamin C therapy, and anti-acne treatments.

PCA Chemical Peels

PCA Peel Appropriate for all skin types except for sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea. For patients who want even skin tone, correct melasma, pigment discoloration of any kind and for correcting asphyxiated acne (dry on surface, oily underneath).
Utra Peel I Appropriate for all skin types, conditions, and sensitivities. It will effectively treat acne, pigment disorders, aging skin, smoker’s skin and photodamaged skin. These treatments are ideal for sensitive skin types, as they produce little to no stinging sensation. It targets patients that want gradual lightening but instant tightening.
Esthetique Peel Appropriate for clients in need of facial rejuvenation. The addition of L–lactic acid and L–retinol makes this a great treatment for improving skin texture and clarity. While keeping the skin moist and hydrated. Excellent anti-aging treatment.